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Covid-19 Memorials

Grief needs to be felt.

Funerals and end of life ceremonies are important parts of grieving when someone has died; with a special ritual, we are able to begin the process of healing.

Due to the guidelines and restrictions, many of us have not had the opportunity for closure and a proper send-off. Though these restrictions have been put in place to protect us, they have seemingly denied the vital necessity of a “proper farewell” for loved ones.

Memorial Ceremonies

However, making plans for a memorial ceremony, which is perhaps held when restrictions are lifted, can ease these difficult circumstances.

A memorial ceremony can be held in any place of your choosing, perhaps outside (which would make social distancing easier) or in your own garden or home. The ceremony is meant for connecting with the love you hold for those that died; it can be an authentic celebration of their life.

As a celebrant, I want to help you feel the closure you need which a funeral during the restrictions may not have brought you.

We can use candle lighting, memory trees, poetry, music, song, or prayer, and many other symbols and rituals, to ensure your loved one gets a special farewell.

Get in touch with me to talk about your friend or family member and begin creating this ceremony.

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