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Your ceremony will be written with you and for you, 
reflecting your own unique love story.

Your ceremony can be traditional or quirky, or even a bit of both!

Within your ceremony, there are opportunities to add various symbolic rituals which can enhance the ceremony, if you feel drawn to them.

Liz has a diverse background in theatre and specialist history so, many unusual touches can be incorporated to help you create your dream ceremony.


Here are just a few ideas that we can include...

Fairy Godmother

Have your very own Fairy Godmother wave the magic wand to bring your wedding ceremony that special touch of fairy dust.


Photography by John Colson


Celtic Hand-Fasting

This is literally tying the knot. The couple join hands and I use a special binding (usually ribbons chosen by you before hand which I weave into a cord) to tie your hands together while you say vows. It stems from a medieval celtic tradition where a couple would be handfasted together to see if they were right for each other! There is a clever way to free yourselves from the binding which keeps the knot intact and allows you to enjoy the rest of the ceremony!

Jumping the Broom

This often goes with a Celtic hand-fasting or viking wedding. It is literally the act of jumping over a special broom or bessom. To symbolise the sweeping away of old ties and jumping into a new, fresh future together


Oathing Stone

It was believed in ancient custom that an oath made over stone or water was more binding. The couple hold hands over a large polished/inscribed oathing stone whilst saying their vows and the wedding guests provide hand inscribed stone keepsakes as part of the ceremony.

The Loving Cup

Sand Ceremony

This is a popular one especially if there are children in the relationship. There are lots of different colours of sand and each person pours a small amount of sand into a large glass and it makes up a layered sand structure which is then a keep sake. The idea behind it is that those grains of sands can never be completely separated they will always be a mix, no matter what happens you could never tip it out and separate it completely.

or Quaich– This can be with a drink that is appropriate to you as a couple. Wine/mead/green tea/viking ale! You each take three sips, one for love in the past, one for love in the present, and one for love in the future. And then you have your first toast.


by Bubear Photography

Unity Ceremony

Two candles are lit at the beginning of the ceremony to represent the two individuals, and at the end of the ceremony they each light the unity candle which can be personalised with your names and details, to show that you are now united.


Preferred Supplier Celebrant at: The Manor Barn Exclusive wedding venue, Harlton, Cambridgeshire.


The Manor Barn is a beautiful Grade II listed wedding venue just outside Cambridge. With stunning views across open meadows and wonderful photo opportunities in The Manor House gardens, The Manor Barn is the perfect venue for your special day.


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Photography by John Colson

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