Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

My fees are shown here:

From April 2022:

Weddings – From £700

Vow Renewal – From £450

Funerals – From £225

Memorials – From £300

Naming Ceremonies – From £400


What happens when we think we want you for our wedding?

Initial meeting- I will have a meeting with you (typically lasting about an hour) to explain the process of using a celebrant, a chance for you to ask any initial questions. After a fortnight, If you decide you wish to work with me, you complete a booking form.

Your Wedding Celebrant - From this point and throughout the process I am your personal wedding celebrant, available by phone or email to answer any questions you might have.

Planning Session- I will have a meeting with you (typically lasting about 2 hours) some months prior to the wedding we will meet to plan in detail the elements to include in your ceremony. We will talk a lot about your story to this point and, prior to this I will have sent you a questionnaire to complete. This is where I gather the information to create your ceremony.

Research, Design and Create - I will spend my time researching your choices, helping you to write vows, creating your ceremony script before sending it off to you for approval

Review and Amend - I will make any changes you require to the prepared script before agreeing a final version

Rehearsal and Choreography - Where possible, I will attend the venue for a ‘rehearsal’ where we can choreograph movement and positions of all main participants

The Big Day - I will arrive at the venue well ahead of time, to check and liaise with your planner and other suppliers (photographer, musicians, etc) and to conduct your bespoke wedding ceremony

Commemorative Certificate - I will provide a ‘certificate’ for signing during your ceremony if required (a great photo opportunity!)

Keepsake Script - I will provide a presentation copy of your wedding script, tied, wrapped and boxed for you to treasure. 


Do you keep my details safe and secure?

Privacy Policy

Please note that I understand the importance of your privacy and I will only ask you for personal information that is relevant to your inquiry and your ceremony.

Any personal information I collect from you will only be used by me and will only be used to plan and conduct your ceremony.

Any personal information I collect from you will not be shared with anyone else without your consent (for example, it may be necessary to share with someone involved in your ceremony or its arrangement but this would not be done without first obtaining your permission).

Your information will be securely stored on a password-protected computer.

Please contact me if you have any questions about this privacy policy.


Will my wedding be legal?

A ceremony for couples of any gender that follows the short legal marriage formalities, either the same day or some time afterwards. You can share your love for each other with your family and friends, in the ceremony that you really want. This wedding ceremony doesn't replace your legal one, but is designed to be a perfect solution to many dilemmas such as:

• You want the ceremony outside in nature.

• You want your ceremony in an unlicensed venue

• You want religious or cultural traditions, which aren't allowed at a Register Office or in a church ceremony

• You want to include spiritual, religious or symbolic elements with special meaning to you

• You want your evening guests to be able to attend the ceremony as well

• You want to invite more guests than can be accommodated in a register office

• You want a totally unique wedding that is personal to you

(Changes to the legalities of weddings are happening right now in England so this may change.)