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Making Farewells Unique & Magical

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

WHY entrust the way we say Farewell when our family and friends die, to others in ‘positions of authority’. We have completely free choice in how to plan a ceremony of farewell and even how we care for the body of our loved ones after death, decorate your own coffin, design your own flowers, walk in procession through a familiar/beautiful landscape or memorial ground. Please know that a funeral can be held in so many varied ways, with unique expressions and ways to remember your loved one and the special ceremony of farewell - don’t settle for less than they deserve.

A local farmer and game shooter was laid to rest on his own land here, his coffin brought on the back of his old farm truck and we held the ceremony next to the lake. Old cartridge cases were added, along with the floral tributes, as people gave him their own words of farewell. The sound of the cases dropping onto the coffin created a light-hearted mood to a sad occasion!

A unique creative individual was wrapped in a homemade shroud - made from the deceased lady's self made quilts. We placed her favourite flowers over her shroud as we said farewell using poetry and then wrote messages of love and support on gift tags to tie upon a memory tree/gated entrance to a barrow.

Children were in abundance at this well loved grandfather's funeral. To keep everyone busy we painted memory pebbles in his honour - some were left with him, others chose to take them home to keep as a reminder of their love for him.

A stylish, much loved mother had accrued so many designer handbags during her well travelled and inspiring life that it seemed a shame not to pay tribute to her eclectic taste in bags! Her collection adorned the Chapel for all to see and brought the essence of this wonderful woman close to heart for everyone in the Chapel that day.

No one knew a great deal about this very private gentleman. His neighbours however, did know that he loved playing jazz music very loudly! So, we said farewell to this unique reclusive man through playing five pieces of his favourite jazz music and an extract from the book he had been reading prior to his death - 'Soul Music' by Terry Pratchett.

Above are just some of the unique and creative ways we can hold a ceremony of farewell for your friend or family member. With you and ‘your person’ at the forefront of any creative ideas that are brought into the ceremony, each one is memorable, heartfelt and compassionately sincere, whether it is held in a chapel, a field, a barrow, village hall, burial ground, woodland or at home. – 07932 367394 –

I receive such lovely words from families that I have worked with – it touches my heart that they can think of me when they are so deeply experiencing their grief and loss. Here are just a few - (Names withheld for privacy)

1 Thank you for thinking of having the little sherry bottles as takeaway keepsake gifts! She would have had a laugh! We just wanted to say thank you so much for all the time, attention and support you have given us in the arranging of her funeral. It is hugely appreciated, not just by us but also both our families. We felt that we had a fitting and appropriate tribute to mum which we were all very comfortable with. Your input and guidance was invaluable, so again, thank you.

2 We just wanted to say a big thank you for your time yesterday. The service was lovely and we really appreciated the extra touches you gave with the wording throughout and the sentiment behind the music at the end. Everyone agreed it was a lovely service and a very fitting and thoughtful farewell.

3 It was wonderful, and really couldn't have gone any better. I got quite a few comments about how lovely it was. It's a great job that you do, supporting people at their time of need. We were very grateful to have you lead us through it all. From all the family - best wishes,

4 It’s difficult to express how much it helps to have someone like you who takes away the majority of the burden of arranging the details of the funeral at what is a very emotional time, and your kind words and calm manner in steering us through the service yesterday were a great comfort to us.

5 We just wanted to say that we are extremely happy with the final version of your words as sent over and we would love to go with the first of the two endings you have supplied, we do not think it too “cheesy” at all, thank you for researching it, we feel it totally appropriate and fitting.

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