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What is a celebrant?

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

To boil it down to one sentence,

A celebrant is a person who officiates or performs life ceremonies. However, we are much more than that.

A celebrant is an MC (master of ceremonies)

On the day, we host the room or prepare the space outside. We welcome guests, we create the environment, we deliver the words, lead the service, and bring closure to the ceremony. The celebrant is the pillar of the service, at the front of the room or gathering space, being heard and seen by all.

A celebrant is a storyteller and word weaver

We weave a love story at a wedding and a life story at a ceremony of farewell. When working with a client, I take time to listen - over the phone and in family meetings - often for hours. I take notes and then spend the majority of my working hours writing the bespoke, tailored ceremonies. I send over a draft for your feedback, then I make changes until the client is happy. The scripts are completely unique to each person I work with.

I bring joy and closure to the services, as well as giving space to the difficult, more challenging parts of our stories.

I also print the scripts and written service then hand bind them for special keeping (on request).

A celebrant is spiritual (or not)

As an independent celebrant, any ceremony I create is about you and your beliefs. This means, I can include traditions and words of various faiths and spiritual practices, or be completely secular. Sometimes I tell people that I’m half way between a faith minister and a humanist.

A celebrant is a guide

Within any client facing job, there is a requirement for empathy, listening, and flexibility. As a celebrant, I am invited into life's most intimate, personal moments. It is not my job just to conduct the ceremony, but often, those listening skills bring harmony between conflicted families and stressed out couples. I offer a calm and stable presence in what can be intense emotional situations.

As part of my work within end of life (funerals, ceremonies, planning), I have completed training in Grief and Bereavement Counselling as well as caring for those with a terminal condition who wish to plan ahead. A large part of my time is spent on the phone or in family meetings, listening, supporting and consoling through grief and hardship. Though it is not my role to advise, my gentle guidance offers relief in particularly troubling moments.

A celebrant is also a human being

I bring an open-hearted practicality to my job. Everything is done with respect, compassion, an open heart and with the intention of creating authentic moments of connection.

After years of experience, I intuit when to be serious, how to listen well, and when laughter is needed too. I am deeply committed to being in service to others, to promote a loving and peaceful response to environmental and cultural challenges.

I'm also a mother to two adult children, a wife, a friend, a sister, a daughter. I'm a Harry Potter nerd, a Terry Pratchett Lover, a Lord of the Rings fan. I’ve been a long term student and enthusiast of anything a bit wacky - alternative healing modalities, spiritual development, consciousness research and Pagan practices and I enjoy working with spirit to bring depth and meaning to the rituals of life. Coming from a background of performance (theatre and singing) and teaching specialist history through roleplay and art has supported my interest in ancient ritual and ceremony.

I love crystals and angels and fairies, painting, singing, crafting, trees, reading, nature, energy healing, studying world religions and meditating. I also have a dog and am best pleased when my clients want to involve their pets in their ceremonies.

Take a look at the services I provide on my website. Let's connect and create your bespoke, magical ceremony.

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