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My Tips for Planning your Wedding

If you're a newly engaged couple, this is for you.

Tip Number 1:

Enjoy the engagement. Throw a party, make a big deal of your promise to each other. Let it sit. You don't have to jump straight into the planning, as it can become stressful.

Tip 2:

Talk about what you both want. Get all your ideas out in the open, come to compromises, land on ideas that feel exciting and fitting for your love story.

Tip 3: Budget.

In 2021, the average wedding in the UK cost £17,300!(Hitched ) Consider your own budget and make a list of priorities: elements you're willing to compromise on and the elements that are a top priority.

Tip 3: Research

Start thinking of your ceremony; do you want a faith led ceremony? Do you want a council registrar? Do you want a wedding celebrant to design a bespoke ceremony with you?

If you chose a wedding celebrant, next, you:

  1. Decide on your venue/location. Remember that with a celebrant wedding it can be ANYWHERE, indoors (not necessary to be a licenced venue unless it’s for a visiting registrar) village hall, in your home, wedding barn/manor house OR outdoors, on a beach, in a forest, up a mountain or in your garden!

  2. Book the venue/location first. (if it’s a wedding venue – tell them your plans about your celebrant led wedding.)

  3. Contact the council to enquire about booking a ‘simple registrar marriage ceremony’ usually a couple of days before your celebrant wedding ceremony date. (you may have to ‘give notice’ with your local council at least 3 weeks before your intended marriage ceremony)

  4. Contact your Wedding Celebrant to make an appointment for a first meeting. Make sure they are available for your chosen date!

  5. Check out wedding advice blogs and sites for ideas on : Wedding outfits Themes/colours/styles/ Eco/sustainability concerns Transport

  6. Send out ‘Save the Date’ notices

  7. Speak to VIP guests e.g. attendants/ bestpeople / family about their role

8. Keep having fun as engaged couple and don’t let the planning take over your lives – keep it fun and relaxed! Speak often to your celebrant with any concerns.

If any of this looks overwhelming – consider hiring a professional wedding planner who can do it all for you!

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