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Funerals and Memorials

Cambrigeshire, Bedfordshire, & Hertfordshire


As your celebrant, I offer a calm, reassuring presence. I understand the nature of grief and its many complexities and am experienced at providing the support you may need.

Whether you choose a service in a chapel, crematorium, woodland burial site, Barrow, hotel, village hall, or even a DIY ceremony in your own home, I have done all of these and am here to support you.

Working closely with you, your family members and friends, a fitting tribute can be created with meaning and depth, that reflects your own beliefs, whether religious, spiritual or secular. I can advise you on who to go to first when a death has occurred and also work closely with a family member who wishes to plan their own ceremony of farewell ahead of time.

I am independent so I work with the funeral director which you have chosen or I can help you to choose a funeral director that suits your needs.  

As part of my work within end of life (funerals, ceremonies, planning), I have completed training in Grief and Bereavement Counselling as well as caring for those with a terminal condition who wish to plan ahead. A large part of my time is spent on the phone or in family meetings, listening, supporting and consoling through grief and hardship. Though it is not my role to advise, my gentle guidance offers relief in particularly troubling moments.


Magical places to lay someone to rest can be the simplicity of a local cemetery, a woodland barrow, a natural burial glade or even your own garden.

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Photography by M Hodgson


Photography by M Hodgson

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